Working to develop the scientific basis for a permanent regulatory framework for anthroposophic medicinal products in Europe

Miek Jong

Dr Miek Jong was born in 1968 in ‘t Veld, The Netherlands. She studied Medical Biology at the University of Amsterdam and obtained her PhD (cum laude) at the University of Leiden on the subject of lipid metabolism and cardiovascular disease. After having obtained her PhD, Dr Jong went to the USA as a post-doctoral fellow at the Berkeley National Laboratory to discover a novel gene in carnitine transport. Subsequently, she worked for more than seven years in different functions at VSM Geneesmiddelen bv. Within those functions she gained management experience, was responsible for registrations of herbal and homeopathic medicinal products and managed clinical studies. From 2008 till 2018, Dr Jong was employed at the Louis Bolk Institute as the managing director of the department Nutrition & Health, performing research in the area of healthy nutrition and Integrative Medicine. From 2010 till 2018, she was a board-member of the National Information and Knowledge Centre on Integrative Medicine in the Netherlands. From 2011 till 2018, Dr. Jong had a part-time position as associate-professor in Health Sciences at  Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden. As from August 2018, Dr. Jong is full-time lecturer and researcher in Public Health at Mid Sweden University and resides in Härnösand, Sweden.

She serves as a member on scientific advisory boards of the Inès von Rosenstiel Foundation, Ekhaga foundation and VHAN foundations since 2015. Her particular research interests include a healthy lifestyle, Integrative Medicine, Mind-Body Medicine, and Anthroposophic Medicine. Dr Jong has published more than 150 papers, articles, proceedings and book chapters.

Last update: January 2019