Working to develop the scientific basis for a permanent regulatory framework for anthroposophic medicinal products in Europe

The future

In addition to the establishing of infrastructure and various forms of co-operation, the concepts and strategies outlined on this website need to be further elaborated. Certain important themes, including the overall strategy for evaluation of anthroposophic medicinal products and the assessment of Anthroposophic Medicine as a scientific system, will be published in peer-review journals.

The compilation of all required scientific documents for a licensing system for anthroposophic medicinal products in the European Union is a major task. During the implementation of this task, the concepts and strategies presented here may be subject to changes and shift of emphasis, reflecting the scientific discourse and regulatory developments.

The future will show if other therapy systems such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine will be subject to parallel scientific elaboration of licensing standards and criteria, and if this will lead to overlapping or perhaps even shared positions with Anthroposophic Medicine.

Last update: January 2021