Baars EW, Kienle GS, Heusser P, Pedersen PA, van Wietmarschen HA, Kiene H, von Schön-Angerer T, Hamre HJ. Anthroposophic Medicinal Products: A literature review of features, similarities and differences to Conventional Medicinal Products, scientific and regulatory assessment. Global Adv Health Med 2022;11(1):1-17. DOI:

ESCAMP Evaluation Stage 1: Description of anthroposophic medicine and AMPs

Main topics

  • Features of the AM System and of AMPs

  • AM holistic conception of the human organism, 3- and 4-foldness

  • Disease processes, treatment with AMPs

  • Pharmacy: Starting materials, pharmaceutical procedures, dosage and administration forms

  • Example of AMP development: Citrus-Cydonia for hay fever

  • Societal aspects of anthroposophic pharmacy

  • AMP use in clinical practice

  • Scientific and regulatory assessment of AMPs