Baars EW, Kiene H, Kienle GS, Heusser P, Hamre HJ. An assessment of the scientific status of anthroposophic medicine, applying criteria from the philosophy of science. Complement Ther Med 2018(40),145-150.

ESCAMP Evaluation Stage 1: Description of anthroposophic medicine and AMPs

Main topics

  • This is the first assessment of the scientific status of a whole medical system based on criteria used in philosophy of science.

  • 11 demarcation criteria were identified from a literature review: Community, Domain, Problems, Goals, Axiomatic basis, Conceptual basis, Quality of concepts, Methodology, Deontic basis, Research products, Tradition

  • Testing these criteria for Anthroposophic Medicine, all 11 criteria were fulfilled.

  • A point of discussion remains: Do non-atomistic holistic formative forces exist and can they be empirically and rationally assessed? This issue is further elaborated here.