Hamre HJ, Glockmann A, Marti J, Soldner G. Mapping physicians’ experiences with medicinal products from whole medical systems: A descriptive analysis of the Vademecum of Anthroposophic Medicines. Complement Med Res 2020;

ESCAMP evaluation stage 2: Evaluation of AMP therapy as a whole system


The Vademecum of Anthroposophic Medicines contains structured information on AMPs, including therapeutic rationale, indications, and therapy recommendations. The information is based on a 17-item questionnaire of physicians’ therapy experiences, which is peer-reviewed by an interdisciplinary editorial board. The Vademecum 4th edition (2017) comprised 799 different AMPs, used for 1,773 indications, based on 2,543 questionnaires submitted by 274 physicians from 19 countries. The 799 AMPs comprised 52.6% of all AMPs marketed in Germany in 2015–2016, the indications amounted to 29% of all ICD-10. three-digit codes.