Erik Baars

Professor Erik Baars was born in 1961 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For 16½ years he worked as an anthroposophic physician at the Zeylmans van Emmichoven Clinic and the Bernard Lievegoed Clinic in Bilthoven, The Netherlands. He is Master of Science in epidemiology and he has a PhD in curative health promotion.

He has been coordinator and researcher at the Cats-Polm Institute in Zeist, The Netherlands, and director and senior-researcher Healthcare of the Department of Healthcare & Nutrition of the Louis Bolk Institute, Driebergen, The Netherlands. Since 2007 he is also a part-time Professor (in Dutch: Lector) of Anthroposophic Medicine at the University of Applied Sciences, Leiden, The Netherlands.

His particular research interest includes epidemiological and clinical studies, case-studies, health promotion, holism-reductionism, anthroposophic medicine, concept development and methodology development for research and clinical practice. Professor Baars has published ca 145 papers, articles, book chapters and monographs.